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Frequently Asked Questions – QA

What are your hours of operation?
Our operators support you every weekday from 08.00 til 22.00.
On Saturdays and Sundays from 09.00 till 17.00.
24/7 support is available per request.

Why should I choose ESLIMOS?
ESLIMOS is a team of young and highly motivated professionals who use latest technology along with great experience and confidence.

Do you offer multilingual service?
ESLIMOS offers multilingual service mainly in English, French, German and Spanish.

What if I don’t have an office but I don’t want my callers to know?
It is possible to arrange for we can forward the callers to our central office.

How is your staff trained and quality controlled?
After the candidates pass the strict competition trial they are trained and instructed closely by senior instructors. The management practise daily monitoring and quality control.

How do you handle emergency calls?
Emergency calls are handled by close attention and the team deals with flexibility and ability to react quickly and accordingly.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
The cooperation is based on mutual interest and no unfavorable conditions would be applied. The length of cooperation would be negotiated between two sides.

What other services do you offer?
We offer stuff, technology and marketing support according to all needs. We also monitor the market and its tendencies acquiring all necessary skills and possibilities to fulfil the expectations.

Do you offer a free trial?
A free trial option is possible and would be negotiated through the agreement.

Is my company information and client list kept confidential?
Company information, client list and all the data are stored and protected as confidential data.

What Livery software programs do you work with?
We use Limo Anywhere software program.

Are you offering some special service to our clients if they search for?
A client of ours is a happy client only is our motto so all the special service requests that are within our competence and capacity would be offered.

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About Us – top

About Us

ESLIMOS specializes in local and international management of your Limo business. We have experience in all aspects of LIMO business and all the required skills to ensure the complete success of your company.

ESLIMOS winning team consists of carefully selected, talented and highly educated individuals who are driven by progress and achievement reports. Last year ́s statistics show that we had managed 1000 jobs, 2000 calls and 5000 passengers. We helped our affiliates cover 1 million kilometers delivering the passengers.

About Us – center

We use the latest technologies to deliver the most innovative solutions for your LIMO business.

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Livery Software My Limo Anywhere

My Limo Anywhere livery software system is a complete and the most reliable limousine reservation software for transportation companies.


High Email Deliverability

Our high-performance servers are optimized for maximum email deliverability and reputation management. We are managing large and complex email lists and efficiently sending out massive quantities of emails.


We are able to utilize our expertise and knowledge to develop finest mobile apps across multiple platforms in a timely manner. We specialize in native software that runs on iOS & Android.


ESLIMOS provides E-mail Hosting and Web mail hosting services that are designed for your business at all stages of growth.