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We offer a complete web site service. This means that we can design your web site, host your web site, host your business emails, register domain names and offer customer service and support.


Call Center Experienced front desk people answer large volume of phone requests for different kinds of offers and limo service demands.
Email Monitoring Connect all your emails with our email system in order to follow customers inquiries. Email inquiry through your email will be considered and treated the same as a phone call. Our systems are updated every 10 seconds, so no customer would wait for reply.
Quotes & Reservation Management Make reservations or receive personalized quotes via email or phone.
Modification & Cancelation Dynamic and flexible front desk agent respond to any service modification or cancelation timely.
Invoices & Payment receipts ESLIMOS provides the customer with a clear cost breakdown of limousine service fees, payment receipts, and invoices.
Multilingual Reservation Management Our call center staff is fluent in English, German and French.
Dispatching Allocate and dispatch all bookings to the right driver at the right time.
Driver Status & Location Operators constantly monitor driver’s position. Thus, we always know if the driver is on time at pickup position. We also know the current position of the vehicle and the customer.
Disputes Resolve disputes of any kind in fast, efficient and polite way.
Wake up Calls Wake up drivers on time if necessary.
Farm-Ins ESLIMOS can help you increase revenues or make supplemental income by connecting you with work opportunities from other transportation companies. It saves countless hours spent on communication with affiliates.
Farm-Outs ESLIMOS has long experience dealing with farm-out cooperation, using software system My Limo Anywhere which supports such types of jobs.
Large volume dispatching processing Managing events with up to 1500 people transferred per day.
Call forwarding Managing calls outside working hour frame.


Web site design & programming ESLIMOS will structure an optimized website for your limo service with special limousine design based on latest technologies.
Dedicated Limo Web Hosting Special dedicated servers hosted in Germany and Ireland to maximize Limo Company needs with maximum uptime of 99.9%.
Email Server Management Enabling special email signatures for your limo service to make sure that all your mails will be delivered (latest authentication methods supported: DKIM, SPF, etc.)
Web Chat Implementation Possibility to talk immediately to customers who visit your web site.
99.9% guaranteed uptime ESLIMOS guarantees that your web site would be regularly updated.
Dedicated landing pages Providing specialized pages for your marketing channels to optimize the conversion rate.
Detailed analytics Google Analytics and Google Webmasters.
Basic SEO package Optimizing the most important parts of your website for search engines.
Responsive design Web design which provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).


Advanced SEO optimization Optimizing your web presentation for all browsers, top page ranking, improving sales and brand value, increasing traic flow, targeting local market to increase business.
Google AdWords management Ad Campaign Management, Creating, posting and managing online ads, Google Ad-Words Campaigns, remarketing. Up to 10 campaigns.
Social media management Community Management, Creating and managing social media profiles appropriate for your limo business. Up to 4 posts per week.
Phone Marketing & Cold Calls Direct oers/sales to customers by phone. We can contact potential customers on your request. Up to 50 actions per month.
Email Campaigns Direct oers/sales to customers by phone. We can contact potential customers on your request. Up to 50 actions per month.





We Give Your Customer A Good Reason to Come Back

ESLIMOS satisfies all your call center needs and handle efficiently all your customer inquiries. We dedicated ourselves to keep customers’ satisfaction at the highest level and we are constantly working on our capacity to handle all service needs. Our winning team consists of carefully selected, talented and highly educated individuals who are driven by progress and achievement reports. General Manager


We Deliver Your Promise

We possess great limo service experience and we know the limo industry “language”, for our managers, supervisors and operators have been working for years for ground transportation providers. We manage your work with care, treating VIP customers and your drivers the same way you do. Because we can. Head of Driver & Fleet Managament

Sales & Billing

Grow With Us

Reaching corporate clients requires trained and experienced sales team. You can count on us! ESLIMOS will compete for your business and increase of your income. With trustful partners and already verified affiliate program customers will feel inclined to use your service, and keep coming back once they know it’s there. Head Of Sales Team


We Make Difffference to Your Service

Being online is not enough these days. Our customized web and mobile solutions will help your limo company stay ahead of your competition, bring you more visitors and convert them into customers. We already know where your customers are. Head Of Web Design Team



Chris Newman
Sales manager